OnTrac Tracking

Experience the convenience of real-time tracking at your fingertips. Just enter your Ontrac tracking number(s) above (up to 40 numbers, one per line), and press “Track” to get up-to-the-minute information on your shipment. Stay informed and secure with timely updates from dispatch to delivery.

About Ontrac

OnTrac, originally known as LaserShip and founded in 1991, has evolved into a leading regional parcel carrier in the Western U.S. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, the company initially served California and has since expanded to Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. OnTrac is renowned for its last-mile delivery services, especially in e-commerce, catering to over 60 million consumers across 31 states. Their cutting-edge package tracking services offer customers convenience and real-time updates, making parcel tracking effortless. OnTrac's commitment to timely and reliable delivery solutions, encompassing everything from overnight to same-day services, makes it an ideal partner for businesses and individual customers alike

How do I track my OnTrac Package on 17TRACK?

Step 1: Get your tracking number, you can find it in the receipt, outer packing of the package or the email;

Step 2: Enter your OnTrac tracking number and click on track.

Step 3: View the tracking results.

Where can I find OnTrac tracking number?

To locate your OnTrac tracking number, you can check several places:

Shipment Notification Email: The tracking number is often included in the email you receive when your order is shipped.

Order Page: If you made an online purchase, the tracking number might be listed on the order or purchase history page of the retailer's website.

Physical Documents: Look on your copy of the manifest, waybill, or shipping report. The tracking number is typically listed there.

Retailer or Sender: If you're unable to find the tracking number in the above places, contact the retailer or sender of the package for this information.

What does my OnTrac Tracking number look like?

The format of an OnTrac tracking number can vary, but it usually consists of one alphabetic character followed by 14 numeric characters. Common formats include:

  1. Starting with "D" followed by 14 digits, for example, D10014055123456.
  2. Starting with "C" followed by 14 digits.
  3. Other variations can start with "1LS", "LS", "LX", or "BN".

It's important to note that there might be other formats as well, particularly for special types of shipments or services. For the most accurate information, you should refer to the tracking details provided by the sender or OnTrac itself.

What to do if the OnTrac tracking number does not work or if there are issues with tracking?

  1. Double-Check the Tracking Number: Ensure that the tracking number you've entered is correct. It's easy to make a typo, so verify that the number matches exactly what was provided.
  2. Contact OnTrac Customer Support: Reaching out to OnTrac’s customer support can be helpful. They can provide assistance and more detailed guidance on resolving tracking issues.
Contact method Information Operation hours
Phone number (302) 246-7136 Mon.-Fri.: 8 a.m.-9 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
Sunday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Web support Online virtual assistant
Note: OnTrac’s customer service call centers are closed on New Year’s Day, 4th of July, Christmas Day, and Thanksgiving Day.

How long is OnTrac Delivery Time?

Ontrac is a regional transportation company that specializes in ground delivery services within the United States, particularly in the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. Known for its efficiency in the local market, Ontrac aims to provide a swift and reliable alternative to national carriers. The company primarily conducts home deliveries from Monday to Friday, with Saturday deliveries available in certain areas. Delivery times generally range from one to two working days, varying based on the chosen service and the package's destination.

The company offers several distinct services:

Sunrise Service: This option ensures parcel deliveries before noon from Monday to Friday across all eight states, and in some areas, even on Saturdays before 2 pm.

Sol Service: Widely utilized, this service schedules deliveries towards the end of the day, with the time frame dependent on the destination, usually within 1 to 2 working days.

Directpost Service: Tailored for last-mile delivery of heavy or bulky items, the delivery timeline varies based on shipment characteristics like weight, size, and destination.

Next Day Delivery in California: This service guarantees next-day delivery throughout California, offering a prompt solution for time-sensitive shipments.

What does this OnTrac tracking status mean?

When tracking a package with OnTrac, understanding the various tracking statuses can be crucial in knowing where your shipment is and when it's expected to arrive. These statuses, updated in real-time, provide valuable insights into each stage of your package's journey. From the moment it leaves the shipper to its final delivery, these updates are key to ensuring a smooth and informed delivery experience. Here's a breakdown of what each OnTrac tracking status means for your shipment:

Tracking Status Description
Shipping Label Created; Data Received: This indicates that the shipping information has been sent to OnTrac, but the package has not yet been received from the shipper.
Package Arrived at Destination Facility: The package has been scanned at the delivery facility.
Package Scanned at Facility: This status confirms that the package was scanned at an OnTrac facility.
Out for Delivery: The package is on a vehicle and en route to the delivery address.
The Package Was Delivered: This final status confirms the successful delivery of the package.

What is the difference between tracking on 17TRACK and OnTrac’s official website?

What makes us different is that 17TRACK is an all-in-one package tracking platform that brings together an ever-increasing number of 2,256 carriers.

Consumers: 17TRACK makes it a breeze to read and understand the tracking information, and with the use of the 17TRACK APP, you can also be notified of your package status updates.

Sellers: 17TRACK provides tracking solutions such as API, Shopify APP to perfectly meet your business scenarios: Batch track & trace, Auto-push, Notifications.

Why integrate with 17Track Tracking API for OnTrac tracking?

✅Track and trace your shipments in bulk

✅24/7 tech support online

✅Stable service with tracking accuracy of up to 99.9%

✅Email notifications on package status

✅Dashboard and Data Analysis Visibility

✅Multi-account management, facilitating teamwork.

✅Logistics event translation, improving user experience.

Who is using 17Track to track OnTrac packages?

Hundreds of millions of users in over 230 countries worldwide are using 17TRACK to track 2,256 carriers.

OnTrac orders delivered from thousands of marketplaces around the world are trackable on the 17TRACK platform. For example: TikTok, Shopify, Amazon, Wish, AilExpress, etc.

What else can you do with 17TRACK?