AliExpress Tracking

Follow your AliExpress orders closely and with ease, thanks to 17track's comprehensive tracking system. Enter your AliExpress tracking number(s) above (up to 40 numbers, one per line), and press “Track” to dive into a stream of live updates. As your order journeys from the seller to your location, our platform keeps you informed every step of the way. You'll get real-time insights into the shipping process, from initial dispatch through transit, and right up to the moment of delivery. Stay on top of your AliExpress shipments with 17track, where tracking becomes a convenient and reassuring part of your online shopping experience, ensuring you're always updated and in control.

About AliExpress

AliExpress, a subsidiary of the renowned Alibaba Group, revolutionized online shopping when it launched in 2010. Originating in China, AliExpress has become a global marketplace, connecting buyers around the world with a vast array of small and medium-sized businesses primarily based in China and other regions like Singapore.

What Makes AliExpress Unique?

  • Diverse Product Range: From fashionable clothing to the latest electronic gadgets, AliExpress offers an extensive range of products, catering to diverse tastes and needs.
  • Global Reach: Especially popular in Russia and Brazil, AliExpress welcomes shoppers from every corner of the globe.
  • Multilingual Platform: To facilitate easy shopping, AliExpress is accessible in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Russian.
  • Versatile Sellers: AliExpress stands apart from platforms like Amazon by serving solely as an e-commerce platform. It doesn’t sell products directly but allows both individual sellers and companies to offer their goods.
  • Beyond Just Shopping
  • AliExpress isn’t just about shopping. It has expanded its services to include business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer deals, along with payment and cloud computing services.

A Platform for Everyone

Whether you're a buyer seeking unique products from around the world or a seller aiming to reach a global audience, AliExpress is your destination. And with the Track17 AliExpress tracking tool, staying updated on your orders is easier than ever.

How do I track my AliExpress Package?

Via AliExpress Website

Step 1: Access the AliExpress website.

Step 2: Navigate to the "My Orders" area, choose the specific order you're interested in, and click on the "Details" option.

Step 3: On the page that appears, you'll see the order's details. Locate the Tracking Number, copy it, and then paste it into the above form. After that, press the "Track Parcel" button.

Via 17Track

Step 1: Get your tracking number, you can find it in the receipt, outer packing of the package or the email;

Step 2: Enter your AliExpress tracking number on the designated field above and click on track.

Step 3: View the tracking results.

Where can I find Ali Express tracking number and how does it look like?

To find your AliExpress tracking number and understand how it looks, follow these steps:

  1. Locating the Tracking Number on AliExpress:

    • Go to the AliExpress website and log into your account.
    • Navigate to the "My Orders" section.
    • Select the order you're interested in and click on the "Details" link.
    • In the order details, you should find the tracking number. This number is distinct from your AliExpress order number.
  2. Appearance of the Tracking Number:

    • AliExpress tracking numbers can vary in format. They might be purely numeric or alphanumeric.
    • Examples of tracking number formats include sequences like:
      • YT72760621444007800,
      • ZA247945542HK,
      • 460230324276,
      • RY505557973CN.
    • The format can differ based on the courier service used for shipping. Common formats start with two capital letters, followed by a series of numbers, and often end with two capital letters (commonly CN, CH, or HK for Chinese shipments).
  3. Different Formats for Different Couriers:

    • The format of the tracking number can indicate which courier is handling your package. For instance, numbers starting with "YT" might indicate Yun Express, while "ZA" could be for another courier.
    • AliExpress uses various shipping services like China Post, Yun Express, Singapore Post, Flyt Express, SF Express, Yanwen, etc., leading to this diversity in tracking number formats.

Remember, you cannot track a parcel using the AliExpress order number; the tracking number is necessary for tracking your shipment

What to do if the AliExpress tracking number does not work or if there are issues with tracking?

  1. Check for Entry Errors: Ensure that you've entered the tracking number correctly. Errors like additional spaces or characters can lead to tracking issues.
  2. Understand Shipping Type: If you chose a cheap or ordinary shipping method, the tracking might only update while the package is in China. These tracking numbers often start with 'R' and end with 'CN'. Once the package leaves China, tracking updates might stop.
  3. Wait for Updates: Sometimes, tracking numbers take a few days to start showing information. Delays are common during Chinese holidays like Chinese New Year, where operations slow down significantly.
  4. Contact the Seller: If you suspect the tracking number is incorrect or you haven’t received any updates for a significant time, contact the seller for clarification. Sellers on AliExpress are typically responsive and can provide updates or correct errors.
  5. If you're still facing issues after trying these steps, consider reaching out to AliExpress customer service for further assistance​.
Contact method Information
Headquarters Alibaba Co, Ltd, 969 West Wen Yi Road, Yu Hang District, Hangzhou 311121, China
Phone number (+86)571-8502-2088 (Aliexpress does not have a hotline per se)
email or

How long is AliExpress Delivery Time?

AliExpress, a global e-commerce platform, connects buyers worldwide with products from small to medium-sized companies, primarily in China. The platform requires sellers to provide estimated delivery times for their products. Here’s a simplified overview of the shipping options and factors affecting delivery times:

  1. AliExpress Shipping Options:
    • Standard Shipping: This free option typically takes about 15 to 45 working days for delivery after the item has been shipped.
    • Premium Shipping: Offers a faster delivery time of approximately 7 to 15 working days post-shipment.
  2. Delivery within China:
    • Items are usually delivered within 2 to 3 business days. This duration may increase for rural areas.
  3. International Shipping:
    • Standard Shipping: Takes around 15 to 45 working days.
    • EMS Epacket (China Post): Approximately 17 to 36 working days.
    • DHL Express: Between 10 and 21 working days.
    • Epacket Delivery: Times vary by destination, with faster delivery (about 3 to 20 working days) to many countries including New Zealand, Mexico, UAE, France, Canada, and more. For instance, deliveries to France, Canada, and the UK might take around 5 to 7 working days.
    • Free shipping, when offered, is usually through China Post Small Packet or AliExpress Standard Shipping.
  4. Factors Influencing Delivery Times:
    • Shipping Method: The choice of transport method can affect delivery speed. AliExpress partners with local carriers in China and internationally for faster delivery. Note that private carriers may incur customs fees, potentially extending delivery times.
    • Destination: Efficiency of local postal services and regional weather can impact delivery speed.
    • Time of Year: High order volumes during holidays, Chinese New Year, or Christmas can lead to longer delivery times, especially in regions with modest postal services.

AliExpress serves a wide range of destinations including the United States, Europe, Middle East, Russia, and North Africa, catering to a diverse global clientele.

What does this AliExpress tracking status mean?

When you place an order online, it goes through various stages before reaching you. Each stage has a specific status that helps you track the progress of your order. Understanding these statuses can give you a clearer idea of where your order is in the delivery process. Here's a breakdown of common order tracking statuses and their meanings:

Tracking Status Status Description
Order Received The seller has acknowledged the order. They will soon communicate with the buyer regarding shipping and tracking details.
Awaiting Clarification The buyer needs to provide additional details like the product link, quantity, and specific attributes (color, size) for the order to proceed.
Order Unfulfillable The product cannot be shipped internationally.
Order Amount The total cost, including both the product price and shipping fees, has been communicated to the buyer.
Order in Progress The buyer is in the process of finalizing the purchase.
Purchased The item has been bought and is awaiting dispatch at the warehouse.
Order Packed The product is prepared and ready for shipping.
Order Consolidated The product has been packaged into a single parcel.
Order Invoice The invoice for the order has been generated.
Shipped The order has been dispatched and is en route.
Order Arrived The order has reached its intended destination.
Order Cancelled The buyer has decided to cancel the order.
Order Refunded A refund process has been initiated by the seller for the order.
Order Abandoned There's no available information about the order, often due to lack of response or action.

What is the difference between tracking on 17TRACK and AliExpress?

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What else can you do with 17TRACK?