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The origins of the Republic's postal history are as far off as they are illustrious. It all began with a measure adopted by the Prince and Sovereign Council on the 7th of October 1607, which nominated a Postman whose duty was to go to Rimini to pick up incoming mail and leave any to be forwarded, in order to guarantee the population of San Marino contact with the outside world. San Marino was therefore the first state in the world to dream up and launch a public postal service with no aim of creating income for the coffers of the State. And so it was that in the winter of 1607-1608 the first Postman, a certain Giulio Franchini, began his yo- yoing between Pianello (the Piazza in front of the Palazzo Pubblico) and Rimini post station; initially once a week then twice and even more often, always on foot and in any weather!