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Ascension Island Post

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There is no national postal service within Ascension Island, houses have numbers, but few of the roads have names! All postal addresses here, are those of employing organisations. Organisational representatives collect the mail from the Post Office, but internal deliveries between organisations are to separate boxes, one for each organisation, outside the Administrator's office. As most people within the small communities know each other, mail within Ascension other, than business mail, is very rare! Airmail is received and dispatched twice a week via the RAF Tristar aircraft that flies between the UK and the Falkland Islands. Surface Mail and parcels arrive every month from the UK on the MOD chartered Shipping Service, also en route to the Falklands. Surface Mail to and from Capetown and St Helena, and Surface Mail to the UK travels on the Royal Mail Ship, RMS St Helena as it plies its way through the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean between Capetown, St Helena, Ascension, and the UK.