EVRi Tracking

Evri is the UK’s biggest dedicated parcel delivery company delivering over 700 million parcels per year. Evri have a friendly team of 20,000+ Couriers, alongside 8,500+ ParcelShops and Lockers, and our low prices make sending parcels affordable. Evri provides delivery solutions for anyone who wants to send a parcel in the UK and to more than 220 international destinations.
Evri launched in March 2022 following a successful rebrand from Hermes UK. From a mail order company as roots nearly 50 years ago, Evri have grown considerably over the decades.
With the combination of speed, value and service, Evri has bocome the partner of choice as well as fast-growing market-place online platformsfor over 80% of the UK’s biggest retailer brands like Vinted and Etsy and consumers looking for alternatives to traditional carriers.

What does Evri stand for?

Evri represents a phonetic spelling of "every".The rebranding of Hermes stems from the emphasis on diversity for different people, different parcels, different places, and different communities.

where is my Evri parcel?

  1. If you are the sender of a parcel, sign in to your Evri account and click on the "Your Shipments" link in the top right hand corner of the screen. You can use the search tool to locate your parcel, and view live tracking too.
  2. Both the sender and receiver can quickly track a parcel by entering the 16-digit tracking number provided in your order confirmation into the tracking search bar on our homepage. If you are a parcel recipient and have not been provided with a tracking number, please contact the sender.
  3. Numbers that begin with P, provided on Parcel Shop receipts, will not return tracking information – please use the "Your Shipments" page of your account to locate your 16-digit tracking number.

Does Evri deliver on weekends?

  1. Unfortunately Evri does not currently offer delivery services on Sundays or weekend delivery. The company only delivers Monday through Saturday presently.
  2. However, Evri does deliver 6 days per week, which captures every day except Sunday. So you can ship and receive Evri parcels any day from Monday to Saturday.
  3. Some other delivery companies do provide Sunday deliveries. But weekend delivery is not a service Evri offers at this time. They may consider adding Sunday delivery in the future based on consumer demand.

How to contact Evri in real person?

Call Evri's customer service line at 0330 808 5456. To get transferred to a live agent, provide a tracking number for an old, completed order. Use the Chatbot built into Evri's website if you have a generic query.

Why does Evri always deliver in the evening?

A few key factors influence when specifically your Evri parcel will arrive:

  1. Location – Delivery times can vary based on where your parcel is being sent. More remote locations may get later deliveries.
  2. Parcel size – Larger or bulkier parcels can take longer to deliver than smaller envelopes and packages.
  3. Route optimization – Evri organizes the best routes for its couriers to deliver parcels efficiently, which impacts timing.
  4. Traffic and other delays – Adverse weather conditions, busy roads, or other delivery obstacles can delay some parcels.
  5. Seasonal volumes – Parcel volumes are higher year-round now but especially around holidays, which can cause some variances in normal delivery times.

The tracking updates and estimated delivery time Evri provides for your parcel will reflect their best assessment of when to expect your delivery based on these factors. But some variability is to be expected.

What is the difference between tracking on 17TRACK and EVRi’s official website?

What makes us different is that 17TRACK is an all-in-one package tracking platform that brings together an ever-increasing number of 2,252 carriers.

Consumers: 17TRACK makes it a breeze to read and understand the tracking information, and with the use of the 17TRACK APP, you can also be notified of your package status updates.

Sellers: 17TRACK provides tracking solutions such as API, Shopify APP to perfectly meet your business scenarios: Batch track & trace, Auto-push, Notifications.

Why integrate with 17Track Tracking API for EVRi tracking?

✅Track and trace your shipments in bulk

✅24/7 tech support online

✅Stable service with tracking accuracy of up to 99.9%

✅Email notifications on package status

✅Dashboard and Data Analysis Visibility

✅Multi-account management, facilitating teamwork.

✅Logistics event translation, improving user experience.

Who is using 17Track to track EVRi packages?

Hundreds of millions of users in over 230 countries worldwide are using 17TRACK to track 2,121 packages.

EVRi orders delivered from thousands of marketplaces around the world are trackable on the 17TRACK platform. For example: TikTok, Shopify, Amazon, Wish, AilExpress, etc.

What else can you do with 17TRACK?