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General Directorate of PTT, which became a State Economic Enterprise (SEE) in 1954, has been transferred into the status of the State Economic Establishment (SEE) by the Decree Law No. 233 on Reorganization of the State Enterprises in 1984. By the Law dated 18.06.1994 and No. 4000, the General Directorate of PTT was restructured and divided into two as, the General Directorate of Posts and Turk Telecom Coop. , and the General Directorate of Posts started to give service independently since 24.04.1995. The name of Our Administration which had been 'The General Directorate of Posts' was amended as 'The General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization (PTT) ' under the Article 24 of the Law No.4502, which entered into force by being published in the Official Newspaper numbered 23948, dated 29.01.2000.