Lesotho Post

Official website: http://lesothopost.org.ls/

Lesotho Postal Services will achieve sustained profitability through being the supplier (carrier) of choice for messages, goods and payments for all the people of Lesotho, their families and businesses.Our Values:Honesty – our aim is to be the most trusted organization in LesothoReliability – we will take the steps necessary to ensure all messages, goods and payments in our care arrive on time and in good orderAccountability – we will do what we say we will doEffectiveness and Efficiency – we are committed to providing straightforward, timely and high quality products and servicesProactive – we shall be a step ahead of our competitors while also anticipating our customers' needsResults Oriented – we will strive to succeed in all that we doFriendly – we will remember who we are, where we come from and the value of a smile