Eli Express

Official website: https://eliexpress.com.tr/

Eli Express has designed products which dis – integrate the traditional air express delivery chain, partnering with specialist logistics providers in different parts of the world to deliver appropriate business to customer (B2C) supply chains. A typical solution might involve the customer making parcels and printing final mile delivery labels (through API setup by Eli), Eli managing export (usually ETGB/electronic low value) and linehaul, partner company in destination country managing inbound customs clearance and then handing over to final mile carrier (e.g. domestic courier or post office) for delivery to customer. Eli also runs two drop ship warehouses for a number of international websites. Items are only ordered from suppliers in Turkey once they have been sold online. Suppliers deliver in bulk to Eli who create parcels (which may contain multiple items) according to end customer, including final mile delivery label using in house software. Eli manages export and linehaul, while the websites arrange clearance and delivery in their home markets. Current warehouse volume +/- 5000 parcels per day.