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With the advent of the Internet era, people's lives have undergone earth shaking changes. In addition to simple access to information resources, even shopping, logistics, transshipment and transportation have also changed. DH city express, as an express company in Ontario, Canada, conforms to the trend of the Internet era. It is an international logistics company that provides express services to facilitate people's lives, meets the needs of individuals and e-commerce enterprises at home and abroad, provides international air cargo, through online system voucher preparation, customs electronic declaration, whole process status tracking and other services, Provide formal and legal international personal express packages and commercial entry declaration and distribution services for the growing cross-border e-commerce market from overseas to China. Relying on professional order management system and courier mobile app operation software, we can complete multiple distribution and packaging orders every day, strive to create stable, fast and cheap local and international logistics platform services for the majority of users, and improve customer experience satisfaction.