Offe Market found themselves devoting an exorbitant amount of time to shipping related concerns. Since they fulfill from so many different brands, a single order can originate from multiple vendors. This means that a simple WMP question — occurs on 15% of orders — might require 5+ emails to answer. Even worse is when items are lost or damaged, it can become a logistical nightmare to determine the responsible parties and file the proper claims.

“We felt like our customer service team was just acting as a go-between for our customers and DHL.”


To address these challenges, Offe Market chose 17TRACK’s branded tracking page to answer WMP questions and Buyer Protection to simplify issue resolution. By installing a branded tracking page, Offe Market can empower their customers to locate orders in real time without multiple emails. Additionally, the ability to self-design the tracking page proved key to maintaining a seamless brand experience throughout the entire purchase and post-purchase journey.

By offering the shopper-funded Buyer Protection, Offe Market could bypass the time consuming resolution process of working through the relevant vendors. Instead, shoppers could just report their issues and receive compensation through a single workflow. Buyer Protection also appealed to customers, by giving them the confidence that any potential shipping issues would be promptly and completely resolved.

Results and Next Steps

Since incorporating a branded tracking page and Buyer Protection from 17TRACK, Offe Market has seen an astounding 87% drop in shipping queries. This has saved them a tremendous amount of time they would otherwise have spent communicating with carriers and insurance companies to resolve each shipping issue. Offe Market’s customers clearly enjoy 17TRACK’s new features as well since 83% of shoppers added Buyer Production since its introduction.

“I really like that the customer can just go in and track their own order and hopefully find their own insights to where their product might be or why it’s delayed or missing. It seems like they can resolve it on their own versus me spending my time talking to the post office or these insurance companies to try to get my money back if something was lost or damaged.”

Rachel Gannon

Founder & CEO of Offe Market

Company Info

  • Headquarters

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Industry

    Fashion & Apparel

  • Business Model

    Marketplace/Overstock Liquidation

  • Technologies

    Shopify, Affirm, Klarna, Klaviyo, Seel Return Assurance

Offe Market offers shoppers a range of overstocked and end-of-season products at affordable prices (anywhere from 30-80% off) from popular, high-quality brands. They aim to keep quality clothing out of landfills by offering a curated shopping experience for surplus items. Since starting in 2019, Offe Market has added over 30 brands to their marketplace, including well known names like Levi’s and Vans.



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