TNT Tracking

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About TNT

TNT Express, renowned for its efficient TNT tracking system, was established in 2011 after its separation from TNT NV (now PostNL). It quickly rose to prominence as one of the world's leading express delivery companies. Following its acquisition by FedEx in 2015 to enhance its operations in Europe, TNT has been offering expansive road and air delivery services across various regions including Europe, the Asia-Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa. Known for its commitment to reducing carbon emissions, TNT distinguishes itself in the express delivery sector, attracting eco-conscious consumers. The company's user-friendly service streamlines the shipping process with a three-step approach that covers service selection, packing advice, and comprehensive tracking. For users of 17Track, integrating TNT Express ensures reliable and efficient global shipment tracking.

How do I track my TNT Package on 17TRACK?

Step 1: Get your tracking number, you can find it in the receipt, outer packing of the package or the email;

Step 2: Enter your tracking number and click on track.

Step 3: View the tracking results.

Where can I find the tracking number?

  • TNT Shipment Number Tracking

    To track your TNT parcel, you can use the shipment number or a reference number. The shipment number is typically found in your confirmation email or on the barcode section of the collection manifest.

  • TNT Reference Number Tracking

    When booking your shipment with TNT, you have the option to use a reference number. If this reference number is not available, you should track your shipment using the provided shipment number.

What does my TNT Tracking number look like?

TNT tracking numbers typically come in two formats.

  1. The first is a nine-digit format, such as 907384999.
  2. The second format is a combination of 13 characters, usually starting with two capital letters like "GD," followed by nine digits, and ending with two capital letters like "WW," for example, GD957499689WW.

There are also other less common formats for TNT tracking numbers. These tracking numbers are essential for monitoring the whereabouts of your shipment. In case of any delays or if you need information about your TNT package, TNT customer service will require this number. Alternatively, you can conveniently track your shipment using 17Track. Just visit the 17Track website, enter your TNT tracking number in the provided search bar, and hit track. You will receive all the necessary information related to your TNT parcel in an instant.

How long is TNT Delivery Time?

TNT provides global transport and delivery services, notably express solutions catering to both professionals and individuals worldwide. A key logistics player in Europe, TNT delivers to over 200 countries and territories, offering a range of services tailored to the specifics of each shipment, including package type, size, weight, destination, and urgency.

TNT's express delivery options include:

Early Morning Deliveries: Offering next business day deliveries before 8 am, 9 am, 10 am, and 12 noon for various domestic and international destinations, with weight limits varying by service.

Express Delivery: Ensures next business day delivery by 1 pm domestically or to major international cities for packages up to 30kg.

Special Express Services: Tailored for urgent, professional needs, this includes dedicated vehicle transport available 24/7 internationally, with delivery times ranging from 1 to 7 days depending on the service.

Economy Options: For less urgent deliveries, Economy Express provides cost-effective solutions with delivery times of 2-7 days, depending on the destination.

Time Critical Services: Includes bespoke solutions like Dedicated Vehicle for door-to-door transport, Onboard Courier for hand-delivered packages on the first available flight, and Air Charter for chartering a dedicated aircraft for urgent, bulky deliveries.

Next Flight Out: Offers air deliveries on the earliest available commercial flight, with potential same-day delivery and included customs clearance.

TNT's extensive reach includes countries and territories like Albania, France, Chad, the United States, China, Germany, Japan, and many more, encompassing diverse regions from Europe to Asia and the Americas.

What does this TNT tracking status mean?

When tracking a TNT shipment, you may encounter various status updates that provide important information about the journey of your package. Understanding these statuses can help you better anticipate the arrival of your shipment and be aware of any potential delays or issues. Below is a table summarizing the common TNT tracking statuses and their meanings:

Tracking Status Description
Shipment in Transit Indicates that your package is on the move between TNT facilities as part of its delivery route.
Shipment Arrived at TNT Location This status means the package has reached a TNT facility.
Shipment is at Nearest Collection Depot The package is being held at the nearest TNT collection depot, available for pickup.
Shipment Now at the Depot Nearest to Collection Address Your package has reached the TNT depot closest to the original collection point.
Shipment Delivered in Good Condition The package has been successfully delivered.
Delay Due to Authorities Recovery Actions Underway This update indicates a delay caused by interventions from authorities, with TNT working on resolving the issue.
Shipment Delayed in Transit Recovery Actions Underway This status appears when the package has experienced a delay during transit. TNT is actively working to mitigate this delay, which could be due to various reasons such as bad weather, traffic issues, or delays within TNT’s facility​​.
Shipment Collected from Collection Address The package has been picked up from the pickup location.
Held Awaiting Customs Clearance Indicates the package is awaiting customs clearance, a process over which TNT has no control.
Connection Delay Recovery Actions Underway This status is used when there’s a delay in the package's movement, possibly due to natural causes, and TNT is taking steps to correct it.
Customs has Released the Goods The package has passed customs clearance.
There's Been a Delay but We're Working Hard to Deliver on Time TNT acknowledges a delay in shipping but is attempting to deliver the package as scheduled.
Shipment is Out for Delivery The package is with a TNT delivery person and is being delivered to its destination.
Collection Refers to the process of TNT collecting the package from the sender.
Transit Time Change Informs you of any changes in the expected delivery date and time of the package.

What is the difference between tracking on 17TRACK and TNT?

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Who is using 17TRACK to track TNT packages?

17TRACK is being used by millions of users from 230+ countries. It offers tracking for over 2,286 carriers.

TNT orders from global marketplaces can be tracked on 17TRACK. For example: TikTok, Shopify, Amazon, Wish, AilExpress, etc.

What else can you do with 17TRACK?