Package protection covering loss, damage, and delay is not something new to Black Diamonds, who tremendously value the entirety of their customers’ experience. However, the previous service they used for package protection was expensive, adding prohibitive costs to customers that hurt conversion rates. They still wanted to offer package protection but needed to keep rates reasonable, and they also didn’t want to add another tool to their site.

“We used another package protection before a while back and felt it was expensive. It was so expensive that it affected our conversion in a negative way. So we stopped offering that when we learned 17TRACK offers Buyer Protection.”


Black Diamonds had already downloaded the 17TRACK shopify app to enhance their post-purchase experience. Upon learning that they had just introduced Buyer Protection, Black Diamonds signed up for and integrated the beta version, seeing immediate improvement. The price for their shoppers was significantly lower thanks to advanced algorithms that better underwrite the risks of loss, damage, and delay. They also were able to add the widget with just a few clicks and didn’t need to incorporate any new tools.

Results and Next Steps

After 17TRACK’s Buyer Protection went live on Black Diamonds’ cart page, 86% of their customers added the new protection option. More importantly, cart conversion improved and shoppers ultimately bought more during the holidays as their concerns over package loss, damage were now assuaged.

“User experience with Buyer Protection is really good. Fees are significantly cheaper (than the previous app used), and customers can easily enroll or dismiss. The experience for us is also super friendly, as we don’t have to add anything new to our tech stack.”

Rebecca Hall

Black Diamonds New York

Company Info

  • Headquarters

    New York City, NY

  • Industry


  • Business Model

    D2C Brand / Made to Order

  • Technologies

    Shopify, Affirm, Klaviyo, Seel Return Assurance

Black Diamonds New York began in 2013 in Okinawa, Japan where they served the US military community with affordable wedding and engagement rings made from high-quality materials and conflict-free diamonds. Their products are inspired by a range of influences, including art, the latest trends, modern goth fashion, and video games. To date, they have completed a staggering 600,000 orders.



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