As a business that values their relationship with their customers and that endeavors to create a satisfying buying experience, Calico Rose packages and ships out everything themselves to ensure high quality fulfillment. Unfortunately, their packages are regularly opened in transit and their products are sometimes damaged or misplaced through no fault of their own. As the issue lies with the carrier, Calico Rose sympathizes with their customers but can only ask them to file a claim with the carrier. Not all such claims are resolved well in the end.

“You know for a fact that all the items are in that package when you send it out. It gets opened by the carrier for security or verification purposes. And sometimes they leave an item out when they repack.”


To provide their customers protection from shipping mishaps, Calico Rose turned to 17TRACK. Buyer Protection within the 17TRACK Shopify app gives their customers the ultimate peace of mind. For a tiny fee, they can rest assured knowing they’re covered whether an item has gone missing or arrives damaged, and setting up the widget on the cart page took Calico Rose just a few clicks.

Furthermore, 17TRACK’s tracking page provides Calico Rose’s customers complete visibility into the shipping process. Customers can instantly check the progress of their orders anytime, anywhere, without having to call support or wait for answers.

Results and Next Steps

Since adding 17TRACK’s Buyer Protection and tracking page, “Where is my package?” questions have dropped from being the store’s number one customer service request to a sum total of zero. With the Buyer Protection widget, Calico Rose can assure customers any delivery issues will be resolved and keep them informed throughout every step of the shipping process.

“I haven't noticed any new shipping questions since adding the tracking page. And Buyer Protection removes the risk from both my customers and me without forcing anybody to go through the fortress of the claims processes with carriers, which we previously found a difficult situation.”

Jordin, Owner

Founder of Calico Rose

Company Info

  • Headquarters

    West Point, IN

  • Industry

    Fashion & Apparel

  • Business Model

    D2C Ecommerce

  • Technologies

    Shopify, Affirm, Seel Return Assurance

Founded in Lafayette, Indiana, Calico Rose Boutique has become a premier destination for women’s casual apparel. Providing everything from dresses to shoes to hoodies, the store's range of fashion choices are popular with its 10,000 loyal customers.

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