Since Harmonia mostly sells outfits for specific events, if the shipment is late or lost Harmonia’s customers will miss out on wearing their outfits. Harmonia needed a solution to make their customers whole when delivery issues arose. Additionally, their small team would get backed up with communications between the carrier and their customer whenever there was an issue.

“The most important thing is when something goes wrong. The customer is already pissed off about losing their package, so how easy is it to rectify this? That’s what’s going to make the difference.”


Harmonia managed to resolve the headaches caused by shipping problems by installing two features from 17TRACK. The branded tracking page gave their customers real-time visibility into the status of their time-sensitive orders, relieving them of anxiety and answering their questions without having to call customer support.

Meanwhile, Buyer Protection assures their customers they will be compensated in the event packages do go missing or arrive damaged, not only relieving the team of customer service complaints but also earning buying confidence and long-term loyalty from their shoppers.

Results and Next Steps

The Harmonia team is relieved that the branded tracking page keeps their customers on their own site without having to look elsewhere for answers or feeling confused or disoriented. Buyer Protection has greatly boosted customer confidence as they know any shipping problems will be quickly resolved.

“The branded tracking page offers a consistent experience for my customers, which is key to us. Buyer Protection definitely adds to greater customer confidence, knowing that they are covered against loss, damage, and delay.”

Daniela Watanabe

Founder & Creative Director of Harmonia

Company Info

  • Headquarters

    New York City, NY

  • Industry

    Festival Apparel & Costumes

  • Business Model

    D2C Ecommerce

  • Technologies

    Shopify, Affirm, Ecocart, Seel Return Assurance

Having started as a small Etsy shop in 2015, Harmonia is now a thriving fashion business on Wall Street. They cater to a niche, trendsetting clientele, offering diversely themed collections under such labels as Ethereal, Oriental, Burlesque, Futuristic, and Tribal Futurism. More recently, Harmonia launched their latest chic collection at the 2022 New York Fashion Week.

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