There’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to buying a dress online, and the decision can be even more difficult when you’re dealing with a lesser known retailer. AristStyles needed a way to better establish their credibility and assure their customers any and all shipping problems would be taken care of. With all the complexities of special events apparel, they sought a solution that would guarantee shoppers protection against damage to their delicate products and carrier delays during peak season.

“It’s hard to buy a dress online. Sometimes the dresses we sell are fragile and get damaged in the shipping. We’re kind of entrusting the carriers with customer satisfaction.”


AristStyles chose to install 17TRACK’s Buyer Protection and Branded tracking page, reassuring their customers and delineating fulfillment responsibilities. The combination of order tracking and buyer protection clearly demonstrates to the shopper when issues are the carrier’s fault, thus decreasing fulfillment complaints.

The installation was painless. AristStyles was able to find the 17TRACK app on the Shopify App store and after a few clicks had the app installed. From there, they designed their new package tracking page to match the AristStyles brand and set a go-live date for Buyer Protection.

Results and Next Steps

The one-stop shop experience of 17TRACK allowed AristStyles to complete the installation in under an hour. Immediately after, the client noticed an increase in site engagement due to usage of the new tracking page. Shoppers were coming back to the site to check their order status instead of creating customer service tickets. 17TRACK’s combination of Buyer Protection and visible tracking gave AristStyles’ customers greater autonomy over their orders and greater peace of mind.

“If anything happens, our business is protected and customers know they're going to get their money back. There is a lot of respect, confidence, and peace of mind on both ends.”

Farzana Singh

Owner of AristStyles

Company Info

  • Headquarters

    Jamaica, NY

  • Industry

    Specialty Event Apparel

  • Business Model

    Specialty Retailer

  • Technologies

    Shopify, Affirm, Seel Return Assurance

Founded in 2020, AristStyles was born out of a desire to find unique dresses that are not just fashionable but extremely feminine, elegant, and sexy. To provide high-end couture dresses at the best possible price and with the best service, they offer rich choices of designs from Cinderella Divine, Andrea & Leo Couture, L’ATISTE, GLS Collective, and many more. AristStyles helps create beautiful and lasting memories for every one of their customers on their special days.

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