Building trust with customers is pivotal for any business, however, delivery delays happen and orders sometimes get damaged or lost in transit. As a drop shipping business that relies on fulfillment from third parties that’s something Soirées’ Boutique has no control of. This not only leads to lots of customer service tickets but also hurts their hard-earned credibility.

“AliExpress has a habit of delaying packages. There's really no telling when they say they may deliver on one day, but then sometimes, you know, things happen.”


To ease the workload of their customer service team, Soirées’ Boutique installed 17TRACK, and easily embedded a tracking page on their site. Allowing their customers to look up shipping information by themselves.

Better still, the newly launched Buyer Protection widget in 17TRACK was easy to add to their Shopify checkout. Shoppers who add Buyer Protection have their orders fully protected against loss, damage, and delay—all delivery woes that have been perennially plaguing Soirées’ Boutique.

Results and Next Steps

After installing 17TRACK and enabling the Buyer Protection feature, questions about shipments dropped for Soirées’ Boutique by a full 99%. With Buyer Protection, common shipping issues are quickly resolved for customers, transforming issues into positive experiences.

Soirées’ Boutique is now planning to enable 17TRACK’s email notification feature, which updates customers on package status changes, to further improve their shoppers’ post-purchase experience.

“With 17TRACK’s tracking page and Buyer Protection widget in place, ‘Where’s my package?’ questions fell by 99 percent. Installation was quick and easy. I was able to enjoy the fancy technology without any tech expertise.”

Miriame Maxi

CEO of Soirées’ Boutique

Company Info

  • Headquarters

    West Palm Beach, FL

  • Industry

    Fashion & Apparel

  • Business Model

    White Label Dropshipping

  • Technologies

    Shopify, Affirm, Seel Return Assurance

Soirées’ Boutique is a one-stop destination for all types of fashion needs. As a white label drop shipping business, they offer an array of trendy clothing, shoes, purses and accessories for women to upgrade their wardrobe.

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