YunExpress Tracking

Track your Yunexpress packages with unmatched precision using 17track. Simply enter your Yunexpress tracking number(s) above (up to 40 numbers, one per line), and press “Track” to access the most current shipment details. As your package navigates through its delivery route, from international transit points to local destinations, our tracking service provides you with thorough and up-to-date information. Stay informed about every significant stage of your shipment's journey, receiving timely notifications and insights. With 17track, you gain the advantage of precise tracking for your Yunexpress parcels, ensuring you're always in the loop about your package’s location and estimated arrival. your online shopping experience, ensuring you're always updated and in control.

About YunExpress

YunExpress, established in 2014 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is a major force in cross-border B2C e-commerce logistics. The company offers a range of services, including B2C solutions, Amazon FBA transfers, postal services, and international express deliveries, operating a global network with extensive branches and handling over 700,000 parcels daily. YunExpress is known for its advanced digital logistics platforms and customer-focused innovations, ensuring efficient and streamlined delivery processes.

Endorsed by leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Wish, YunExpress has developed specialized services like YunExpress USA to cater to specific markets. Its technological prowess, commitment to customer satisfaction, and expansive global reach make it an ideal choice for e-commerce businesses worldwide.

In summary, YunExpress is distinguished by its comprehensive logistics solutions, technological advancements, and dedication to customer satisfaction. This reputation positions it as a favored partner for global e-commerce, making it a suitable choice for the 17TRACK YunExpress tracking tool, offering users reliable and efficient tracking solutions for their cross-border parcels.

YunExpress Service

YunExpress offers specialized global logistics and shipping services, focusing on cross-border e-commerce solutions for both business entities and individual consumers.

  1. Cross-border B2C Solutions:

    YunExpress excels in its cross-border B2C special line services, utilizing a commercial DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) customs clearance model. This approach ensures high efficiency, rapid delivery, and stability.
    Additionally, it offers complimentary services such as return and resend options and alerts for any anomalies. Due to its timely and cost-effective solutions, YunExpress has garnered substantial customer trust and commendation.

  2. Fulfillment by Amazon (FAB):

    YunExpress enhances e-commerce operations through its efficient logistics management, ensuring swift delivery times vital for business growth. Its logistics services are designed to minimize customer disputes and negative feedback, supported by a sophisticated tracking system.

  3. Postal Parcel Services:

    YunExpress's postal parcel initiative streamlines package delivery by collaborating with various local postal services, covering 232 countries and regions globally. This service features convenient customs clearance processes, supports free returns, and provides comprehensive inquiry and claims resolution services.

  4. International Express Services:

    To cater to the international express needs of its customers, YunExpress employs an intelligent logistics management approach. This includes a professional team offering door-to-door delivery, designed to boost the competitive edge of e-commerce sellers. By providing rapid international shipping and an efficient tracking system, YunExpress aims to enhance customer satisfaction during the post-purchase experience.

How do I track my YunExpress Package?

  1. Via YunExpress Website

    Step 1: Access the YunExpress website.

    Step 2: On the page, enter the tracking number on the field provided.

    Step 3: Press the "Inquire" button and view the result.

  2. Via 17Track

    Step 1: Get your tracking number, you can find it in the receipt, outer packing of the package or the email;

    Step 2: Enter your YunExpress tracking number on the designated field above and click on track.

    Step 3: View the tracking results.

Where can I find YunExpress tracking number and how does it look like?

To find and understand your YunExpress tracking number, here are the key points:

  1. Locating the Tracking Number:

    The tracking number is typically assigned when your package is prepared for shipment.

    You can find it on the shipping label attached to your package.

    It's also included in your order confirmation email from YunExpress.

    If you ordered through a seller's website and have an account there, you can log in and check your order history or tracking section for the number.

    If you're unable to locate the tracking number, contacting YunExpress customer support or the seller is recommended.

  2. Format of the Tracking Number:

    A YunExpress tracking number usually comprises 18 characters.

    It starts with "YT" followed by 16 digits (e.g., YT2315921266046217, YT2313821236007939).

    This format is an alphanumeric combination, with "YT" representing the abbreviation of Yun Tu (云途), the Chinese brand name of YunExpress.

What to do if the YunExpress tracking number does not work or if there are issues with tracking?

If you're experiencing issues with your YunExpress tracking number not working or having difficulties with tracking, here are some steps you can follow to resolve the problem:

  1. Verify the Tracking Number: First, ensure that the tracking number is entered correctly. Mistakes in typing the tracking number are common and can lead to errors in tracking.
  2. Wait for the System to Update: Sometimes, there might be a delay in the system updating the tracking information. It's advisable to wait a few hours and then try again.
  3. Check the Order Confirmation Email: If you can't find your tracking number, revisit the order confirmation email sent by YunExpress. The tracking number is usually included in this email.
  4. Contact YunExpress Customer Service: If the tracking number still isn't working or if you're facing prolonged delays in updates, contact YunExpress customer service for assistance. They can provide more information about the status of your shipment and help resolve any issues.
Contact method YunExpress China YunExpress USA
Address 17th Floor, Chuang Hui International Center, Yongxiang Road Intersection, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, P.R.China 5215 S Boyle Ave, Vernon, California 90058, US
Phone number +86 0755-89356329 (732) 722-8110

How long is YunExpress Delivery Time?

When estimating the delivery time for YunExpress shipments, several factors come into play, and the time frames can vary based on the destination, package type, size, and weight. Here's a consolidated overview to provide a comprehensive answer for the YunExpress tracking tool page on 17track:

General Delivery Timeframes:

  • Most international deliveries via YunExpress typically take between 5 to 15 days.
  • Delivery times can be affected by factors like weather conditions, customs delays, holiday periods, or public holidays.

Delivery to the United States:

  • YunExpress collaborates with FedEx for shipments to the U.S.
  • The average delivery time for standard shipping to the U.S. is about 7 to 15 days.
  • Upon arrival, FedEx or another local carrier usually handles the last-mile delivery to the consumer.

Delivery to Europe:

  • For European destinations, the standard shipping time averages around 7 to 12 days.
  • Similar to the U.S., the package is handed over to a local carrier for the final delivery stage upon arrival in Europe.

Cross Border Shipping Considerations:

  • Cross-border shipping, such as that handled by YunExpress, doesn't have a guaranteed delivery time.
  • Typical delivery for cross-border shipments ranges from 14 to 30 days, but in some cases, it can extend up to 1.5 months.

Last-Mile Delivery Partners:

  • In the U.S., last-mile delivery partners include USPS, UPS, and FedEx.
  • In the U.K., Royal Mail, DHL, and other local services are responsible for last-mile delivery.

What does this YunExpress tracking status mean?

When you place an order online, it goes through various stages before reaching you. Each stage has a specific status that helps you track the progress of your order. Understanding these statuses can give you a clearer idea of where your order is in the delivery process. Here's a breakdown of common order tracking statuses and their meanings:

Tracking Status Status Description
Shipment information received/ Processing The sender or seller has not yet dispatched the package to YunExpress.
Arrived at origin facility The package has reached YunExpress's initial processing center.
Departed from origin facility The package has left the initial YunExpress facility.
Arrived at sort facility The package has been received at YunExpress's sorting facility.
Shipment is in transit to next facility The package is being transported to another YunExpress facility.
Arrived at the origin international airport The package is ready for air transport.
International flight has departed The package is airborne and en route to the destination country.
Clearance processing completed The package has completed the customs clearance process.
International flight has arrived The package has arrived at the airport in the destination country.
Delivered to local carrier The package has been passed to the local delivery partner working with YunExpress.
Accepted at XXX Destination Facility The package has reached the local delivery partner's facility.
Arrived at Post Office The package is being prepared for final delivery to the recipient.
Out for Delivery The package is currently out for delivery.
Delivered, In/At Mailbox The package has been delivered and placed in/at the mailbox.
Return Delivery was unsuccessful, and the package is being returned to the local distribution warehouse.

What is the difference between tracking on 17TRACK and YunExpress?

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What else can you do with 17TRACK?