About Cainiao

Cainiao, also known as Cainiao Network, is a logistics company launched by Alibaba Group. It provides package tracking solutions primarily for shipments associated with Alibaba's online retail platforms like AliExpress. Cainiao collaborates with various postal services and courier companies worldwide to facilitate global e-commerce logistics. When you order from AliExpress or other Alibaba-affiliated platforms, you often receive a Cainiao tracking number, which you can use to track your package's journey from the seller to your delivery address. Cainiao's tracking system offers real-time updates on the status and location of your shipment.

How to Track Cainiao Parcels?

  • Tracking Cainiao Package on Global Express Website

    On the Global Cainiao website, simply enter the tracking number provided for your package in the designated tracking field to view the current status and location of your shipment.

  • Tracking Cainiao Package on 17TRACK

    Step 1: Get your tracking number, you can find it in the receipt, outer packing of the package or the email;

    Step 2: Enter your tracking number and click on track.

    Step 3: View the tracking results.

Where can I find the tracking number?

You can find your Cainiao tracking number in the shipping or order confirmation email sent by the seller on Alibaba, AliExpress, or any other Alibaba-affiliated platform where you made your purchase. Additionally, if you have an account on the platform where you placed the order, the tracking number should be listed in the order details within your account. This number is what you'll use to track your parcel's journey and status updates.

Cainiao Tracking Number Format

The Cainiao tracking number format typically consists of a combination of letters and numbers. While there isn't a standardized format, as Cainiao collaborates with various carriers, a common structure includes a series of letters followed by numbers, and often ending with letters again. These tracking numbers are designed to be unique to each package and can vary in length and format depending on the specific carrier handling the shipment. For the most accurate information on a particular package, refer to the tracking details provided by the seller or the shipping confirmation.

Cainiao Tracking not working or updating

If your Cainiao tracking number isn't working, it could be due to several reasons:

  • Recent Shipment: There might be a delay in the system updating the tracking information. It usually takes some time after the seller ships the package for the tracking system to reflect the status.
  • Incorrect Number: Double-check the tracking number to ensure it's entered correctly.
  • Carrier Processing Time: Some carriers take longer to log tracking information into the system.
  • Technical Issues: Occasionally, there could be technical issues with the tracking website.
  • Limited Tracking Information: Some shipping options provide limited tracking updates.

If the issue persists, contacting the seller for clarification or assistance is advisable.

Cainiao Shipping Delivery Time

The shipping time for Cainiao can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the destination country, the specific shipping service used, and the origin of the package. In general, standard shipping times can range from a few days to several weeks. Expedited shipping options might be available for faster delivery but at an additional cost. It's important to consider that international shipments, particularly from countries like China, can take longer due to factors like customs processing and local delivery practices in the destination country. For the most accurate estimate, it's best to refer to the shipping information provided at the time of purchase or contact the seller directly.

What are the different Cainiao shipping methods?

Cainiao Super Economy and Cainiao Super Economy GlobalThese are cost-effective options suitable for small, low-value items. The delivery time is longer compared to other methods, but they provide a budget-friendly solution for non-urgent shipments.
Cainiao Super Economy for Special Goods and Cainiao Standard for Special GoodsThese services are designed for shipping special goods, likely with specific handling or shipping requirements. They offer a balance between cost and delivery time, tailored for specific types of items.
Cainiao Expedited StandardA faster shipping option, this method is ideal for customers needing quicker delivery. It's more expensive than economy services but provides a shorter transit time.
Cainiao Heavy Parcel LineThis service is specialized for shipping heavy or bulky items. It's designed to handle larger parcels that require special handling and logistics arrangements.

Cainiao Logistics Status Meaning

Not Found

Item is not found at this moment, the cause might be:

Your tracking number is incorrect, invalid or has already outdated.

The carrier hasn't accepted your package yet.

The carrier hasn't input the tracking information for your package yet.
Generally, after the sender ships your package, the carrier will process it, and then they scan and enter the tracking information. There might be a delay between these scanning events and tracking availability in their system. Usually it takes a few days for processing, therefore the tracking information may not appear online immediately, please try to track again later or connect to the carrier.

Waiting for Carrier to Pick UpItem was Waiting for Picking Up. Generally, it means the carrier has received the message and will pick it up later.

Item is out for delivery or arrived at local facility, you may schedule for delivery or pickup. Please be aware of the collection deadline. General explanation:

  • Your package has arrived at a local delivery point.
  • Your package is out for delivery.

If you ensure your package has been delivered successfully, please ignore this notice. However, if you haven't received your package, we'd advise you to contact the carrier to arrange a re-delivery or collect your item.
Hint: Generally, the carrier has a collection deadline, we'd advise you pick up your package at once, or it might be returned to the sender.

DeliveredItem was delivered successfully to the addressee.

Under most circumstances, the delivered status indicates that the carrier has delivered this package successfully. If the addressee didn't receive it, we'd advise you to contact the package sender or shipping carrier for clarification.
Undelivered Item was attempted for delivery but failed, this may be due to several reasons. Please contact the carrier for clarification. Possible reasons for unsuccessful item delivery attempt :

addressee not available at the time of delivery

delivery delayed and rescheduled

addressee requested later delivery

address problem - unable to locate premises, rural or remote areas, etc.

If you ensure your package has been delivered successfully, please ignore this notice. However, if you haven't received your package, we'd advise you to contact the carrier to arrange a re-delivery or collect your item. Hint: Generally, the carrier has a collection deadline, we'd advise you pick up your package at once, or it might be returned to the sender.
Arrive at DestinationUnder normal circumstances, it means your package has arrived at the destination country but you need to wait for clearance before being delivered.
Waiting for Pick UpThis state means the item has arrived at the post office, and is waiting for you to pick up or just on the way to the post office. Please be aware of the collection deadline. Thus we'd advise you to contact the carrier to pick up your item as soon as possible. Generally, the carrier has a collection deadline, we'd advise you pick up your package at once, or it might be returned to the sender.
Security Check Failed It means that your parcel has failed to pass the security check and is unable to ship.

Cainiao Contact Information

Cainiao, as a logistics arm of Alibaba Group, does not typically offer direct customer service contact information in the traditional sense, as it operates as a network coordinating with various local and international carriers. For specific inquiries related to Cainiao shipments, it's generally advised to contact the seller on the Alibaba or AliExpress platform, or to use the customer service options available on these platforms. They can provide assistance or direct you to the appropriate channel for your Cainiao shipment queries. For more detailed support, you might also consider contacting the final-mile carrier once your package has reached the destination country.

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