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Вишејезични интерфејси вебсајта и апликација 1717TRACK су преведени од стране наших привржених корисника. Они су одлични преводиоци и наши још бољи пријатељи. Вишејезични превод не само што побољшава корисничко искуство него нам омогућава да обезбедимо и бољу услугу.

Iman Nariman (RU/KZ) Sergey (RU) Thiago Nogueira de Castro (PT) Carlos Eduardo Backes (PT) Davide Salvatore Boccone (IT) Martin Roner (IT) Kacper Gutkowski (PL) Ferdinand Vrendenbarg (NL) Oktay Ozcan (NL) Kevin Hagenaars (NL) Mathieu Durand (FR) 강창훈 (KO) Benjamin (ES/EN) Lalin Robles (ES) Toni Bernabé (ES) Sergio (ES) Alexander Barrera (ES) Juan Raiser Almiron Gonzales (ES) Emin Uzun (TR) Maurizio (TR) Muhammed Daud (TR) Mehmet Yanki Yonel (TR) Jakub Kocourek (CS) Vaclav Panenka (CS) Olli (FI) Jennifer (DE) Andre Gavrilyuk (UK) Aliz Hoszpodár (HU) Johan Limont Säfström (SV) Nikita Matsapura (UK) Stefanos Tziampazis (EL) Ismet Saygın Derici (TR) Aneliya Vasileva (BG) Thanee Kongkrapun (TH) Patrik Gajdoš (SK) Åge Stor (NO) Razvan-Florian Gavrila (RO) Tautvydas K (LT) Piotr Karocki (PL) Joe Levi Elkins (JA) Klejdi Sinani (SQ) Grigor Petrov (BG) Andrea Picillo (IT) Ljubisa Cvorovic (SR)

Ако сте заинтересовани за превођење појединих делова текста или њихову валидацију, молимо вас контактирајте нас на вашем матерњем језику или језику ваше земље. Са наше стране ми ћемо учинити све да имплементирамо што више језика уз вашу велику помоћ. (Арапски и Хебрејски језик захтевају додатни напор, извињавамо се што исте не можемо имплементирати у кратком року.)

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How can I find out where my item is?
You can track the shipping progress of your item via 17TRACK. Please enter your tracking number into the input box on the home page and click on "TRACK" then all the information we find from your shipping carrier will be presented to you.
The tracking indicates the following information: "Sorry, there's no info for that number. It may not be in our system yet, please check back later." What does this mean?
We only display the information that is available from the shipping carrier. This means the item has not yet arrived the shipping carrier or has not been entered in its database; please wait patiently for a little longer and check back later.
How can I track an Ordinary Packet Plus from Aliexpress?
17TRACK offers tracking for all kinds of international packages. You can track your registered mail, parcels and even surface mail with a tracking number. Normally, regular surface mail doesn't have any tracking capabilities, but special carriers might have some scanning event to determine whether the item has left the originating country or not. However, most of them don't have arrival information. If necessary, keep in contact with the package sender.
Why is my tracking number showing "Unknown" in your system?
If your item shows "Unknown", there are a few things you should try out.
  • The number you entered might be incorrect, you need to check with the sender and obtain a tracking number which must be in a proper format, then try to track it again.
  • We cannot auto-detect shipping carrier for this number. This means you can try to designate your shipping carrier manually. We will track according to your instruction.
  • If the tracking number belongs to a shipping carrier we haven't supported yet, then you will get an "Unknown" result. If you want to add a new shipping service, you are welcome to report this carrier to our technical support team, we will be glad to add up more shipping services.
Why does my tracking indicate destination country "Unable to track"?
There are two possible reasons for "Unable to track". An International item may not have been sold as a trackable. For trackable international items, please choose other services. Furthermore, while some tracking updates may be available throughout the delivery journey, this will vary and constant updates cannot be guaranteed. Another reason is that when the carrier doesn't have sufficient online tracking capability, we are unable to retrieve tracking information from their official website. Thus, some shipment cannot be tracked. In such a situation, you may liaise with the shipping carrier directly by dialing their customer service hotline for further information.
Why does the tracking indicate that my item has multiple possible carriers?
Tracking numbers are created by each individual carrier; if the tracking number rules conflict, we cannot determine which is your shipping carrier. In such a situation our system will pop up the possible carrier for you to designate manually and get the accurate and complete tracking information.
What does "Item pre-advised" or "Info-received" mean?
"Item pre-advised" means the carrier was notified that the shipment is about to be there for shipping but it's not physically with the carrier yet. You may check back later.
The destination on your website is wrong, will I receive my item?
We auto-detect shipping carrier in origin and destination country by using standard tracking number rules. If you believe that the destination country is incorrect, please verify with the sender to ensure they've put the right country on the shipping label. International shipping is quite complex, sometimes, the "wrong destination country" might be a transition point, the item will subsequently be forwarded from there to its final destination country.
Why is my item is under "Alert"? What does this mean?
Alert auto-judges package status for your tracking number. There are different package status' in our system. Each indicates the current package status during transportation. You may refer to our status definition: Not Found / In Transit / Pick Up / Undelivered / Delivered / Alert / Expired. When tracking is complete, we will show the package status according to all detailed tracking information. Given that the package status is auto-judged by the system, it's for information reference use only. To view each package status' definition, what each status means, please click here.
Why was there a web error while I was trying to track my item?
Web error occurs mostly because the carrier's website is temporarily down and we are unable get instant tracking information from them. Apart from a few carriers which lack high IT support, most of them would restore their tracking service shortly. Please check back later. Other errors such as process error, service errors may occur on system; to view why there are these errors and what each tracking status means, please click here.
What does "Tracking Consuming: 30662 ms" mean?
17TRACK retrieves your tracking number instantly once you submit your number. This indicates how much time we use to get the tracking information from the shipping carrier. Tracking consuming time has no direct relevance to your shipment status; it simply relates to web design technology.

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