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Help Center

Instruction Manual

Thanks for visiting 17track.net. We've published a new version, please view the user manual below:

A: Input tracking number instruction

A1: Enter the tracking number

Enter your tracking number without any spaces or dashes, one per line. Up to 40 tracking numbers can be added. Please ensure the tracking number is a combination of letters or digits.

See below example codes: RJ556381428CN (China Post Registered Airmail), CP921694660HK (Hong Kong Post Registered Parcel), LN328306902US (USPS E-packet Airmail), 3861078222 (DHL Express Service).

A2: Select a carrier

Under normal conditions, the system auto-detects and identifies the shipping carrier, country of origin / destination. It doesn't require you to designate manually. If there are multiple possible carriers or the system cannot identify the carrier, please designate shipping carrier manually.

A3: Ignore invalid input

The system can filter valid tracking numbers based on the default number rules. Part of a special number may require manual correction before proceeding.

A4: Track the number

Enter a valid tracking number, then click the “TRACK” button, the tracking result will be retrieved from the carrier’s official site and presented to you directly.

B: View tracking result instruction

B1: Multiple number tracking

Multiple tracking numbers can be added; when tracking is complete, you can manipulate the tracking result, such as “Copy result”, “Re-track Error”, “Collapse & Expand” etc.

B2: Package status

Package status indicates the current package status during transportation. The system will show auto-judged package status according to tracking event details once tracking is complete. There are several different package statuses; Click here to learn more about package status.

B3: Origin (Carrier) and Destination (Carrier)

Under normal conditions, the system auto-detects and identifies the shipping carrier, country of origin and destination. It doesn't require you to designate it manually. If there are multiple possible carriers or the system cannot identify the carrier, please designate the shipping carrier manually. The system will track your number according to your settings. You can also visit the carrier’s official website to learn more about shipping or delivery related problems.

B4: Copy result and link

When tracking is complete, if you need to share this link or tracking results, you can copy them.

B5: Tracking details

The system defaults to display the latest tracking event only. To view more events from the country of origin or destination carrier, click on the latest event or "Expand".

B6: Instant translation

The system supports multiple language instant translations. Tracking results can also be automatically translated into different languages BY BING.

C: Select carrier

C1: Carrier category

The system divides all these carriers into two sections. One of them is "Global postal" carrier while the other is "Other carrier". In order to distinguish them according to their service levels. "Global postal" carriers are presented according to world geographical distribution. As for "Other carrier", this includes other major carriers such as China e-commerce carrier and other international express couriers.

C2: Search for carrier

Under normal conditions, you may click "Auto-detect carrier". If a carrier needs to be searched manually, you can enter the carrier's name or country name in the corresponding input area then you select carriers based on search results.

C3: Search history

The search history feature can be very helpful if you need to designate carriers frequently. The system will automatically retain eight most recently searched carriers so you can select from them directly. (Clearing browser cookies will delete such information.)

Thanks for viewing our user manual, if you still have doubts about using 17track.net. You are welcome to contact us.


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